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Countries work together to find solutions for Critical Raw Materials Under Extreme Conditions (CRM-EXTREME)

10 April 2016

Brussels, Belgium – April 10th, 2016

By the 1st of May a new and innovative project (Critical Raw Materials Under Extreme Conditions, CRM-EXTREME), supported by the COST Association and Horizon 2020, starts.

The project, supervised by Maria Letizia Ruello (Italy), includes an multidisciplinary team of enterprise, scientists and technologists, which is composed by a network of 25 Countries (24 European + Israel), in particular Bulgaria is represented by Dr. Zara Petkova Cherkezova-Zheleva, Associated Professor at the Institute of Catalysis - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
The project aims to find an innovative way to overcome the difficulties in the access to Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) that are expected to depress industrial sectors vital to Europe.

CRM-EXTREME focuses in particular on the replacement of CRMs in high value alloys and metal-matrix composites used under extreme conditions of temperature, loading, friction, wear and, corrosion, in Energy, Transportation and Machinery manufacturing industries.

The project lasts 4 years and with the goal to set up a network of expertise to define the state of knowledge and gaps in multi-scale modelling, synthesis, characterization, engineering design and recycling, that could find viable alternatives to CRMs and promote the industrial exploitation of substituted materials.

Contact: Giovanna Cecchi
Telephone: +39 071 220 4726

Catalysis for Sustainable World Salamanca (Spain)

30 August 2009 - 4 September 2009

The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to participate in the EUROPACAT IX Congress to be held in Salamanca, Spain, from 30th of August to 4th of September, 2009, under the auspices of the Spanish Catalysis Society and the Catalysis Division of the Portuguese Chemical Society. The Congress will continue its established role of providing participants with information about accomplishments in catalysis research and catalytic technologies required for the sustainable development of the European Federation of Catalysis Societies (EFCATS).

The scientific concept, CATALYSIS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD, has been chosen with the idea that a good number of the scientific contributions should fall within the following categories: New cleaner processes and more selective catalysts towards the minimization of by-products, including homogeneous and enzymatic catalysis; elimination of pollutants and/or undesired products whenever present; new energy vectors and the rational use of energy; and catalyst design, characterization and recovery.

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6th World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis

5 June 2009 - 10 June 2009

In the line of the successful series of WCOC's (Italy 1989, Spain 1993, USA 1997, Germany 2001, Japan 2005), the 6th World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis is intended to offer an update of recent innovation in fundamental and applied aspects. The 6WCOC will be focussed on highlighting progress, new developments and new directions in oxidation.

The organization of the 6WCOC will be ensured jointly between the "Laboratory of Catalysis and Solid State Chemistry - UCCS" (UST Lille/CNRS/ECL/ENSCL - France) and the "Laboratory of Catalysis and Divided Materials Chemistry - CATA" (Université catholique de Louvain - Belgium).

We cordially invite you to attend the 6WCOC.

Looking forward to meeting you at Lille,

Pr. Elisabeth BORDES-RICHARD and Pr. Patricio RUIZ, Chairs of 6WCOC

Brochure (PDF)


10 April 2016
Countries work together to find solutions for Critical Raw Materials Under Extreme Conditions (CRM-EXTREME)

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