Institute of Catalysis
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Catalysis
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

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Computer-controlled laboratory reactor Contalab  

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Manufacturer: Contraves AG, Switzerland

Year of manufacture: 1988

Brief description: The instrument allows preparation of knowledge-based multifunctional materials with tailored properties and predictable performance, targeting a wide range of applications. The syntheses are carried out under complete and precise control of all reaction parameters: temperature, pH, stirrer speed, reactant feed flow rate. A sophisticated monitoring system ensures the safe execution of the experimental method. All syntheses can be carried out with high degree of reproducibility. During the course of the automated test, experimental data as well as important system messages are displayed, recorded and stored.


10 April 2016
Countries work together to find solutions for Critical Raw Materials Under Extreme Conditions (CRM-EXTREME)

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