Institute of Catalysis
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Catalysis
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Acad. G. Bonchev St., Bldg. 11,
Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 2 9793563;
fax: +359 2 9712967;
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Personal Details  
Zara Cherkezova-Zheleva
Professor, PhD
Deputi Chairman of Colloquium

(+359 2) 9793577


Main fields of research
  • Moessbauer spectroscopy;
  • XRD;
  • Solid state physics;
  • Mixed valence compounds;
  • Relaxation phenomena;
  • Electron transfer;
  • Mechanochemical activation;
  • Ferrites;
  • Nano-sized materials;
  • Nano-dimensional effects – superparamagnetism;
  • Superferomagnetism etc.;
  • In situ investigations;
  • Heterogeneous catalysts;
  • Redox catalytic reactions;
  • Sustainable and green chemistry.


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10 December 2018
Конкурс zа назначаване на длъжност „изследовател“ по проект BG05M2OP001-1.001-0008-С02

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