Institute of Catalysis
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Catalysis
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Acad. G. Bonchev St., Bldg. 11,
Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 2 9793563;
fax: +359 2 9712967;
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Personal Details  
Iliyana Yordanova

(+359 2) 9793918


Main fields of research
  • Environment and Catalysis;
  • Total oxidation of volatile organic compaunds;
  • Determining the textural characteristics (BET and pore size distribution).


  1. M. Shopska, S. Todorova, I. Yordanova, S. Mondal, G. Kadinov, Comparative analysis of the catalytic behaviour in CO oxidation of iron containing materials obtained by abiotic and biotic methods and after thermal treatment, Bulg. Chem. Commun. 47/Special issue C, 73-78, 2015
  2. M. G. Shopska, G. B. Kadinov, J. Briancin, I. D. Yordanova, H. G. Kolev, M. Fabian, Preparation of Fe-Pd/Al-Si-O catalyst using biogenic iron of cultivated Leptothrix genus bacteria, Bulg. Chem. Commun. 47/Special issue C, 79-86, 2015
  3. M. Shopska, D. Paneva, G. Kadinov, S. Todorova, M. Fabian, I. Yordanova, Z. Cherkezova-Zheleva, I. Mitov, Composition and catalytic behaviour of biogenic iron containing materials in CO oxidation, Reac. Kinet. Mech. Catal., 118, 179-198, 2016
  4. S. Zh. Todorova, Z. P. Cherkezova-Zheleva, I. D. Yordanova, A. Ganguly, H. G. Kolev, S.Mondal, M. G. Shopska, K. K. Tenchev, N. I. Velinov, A.K. Ganguli, G. B. Kadinov, “Nano-oxides with controlled size modified with pd for purification processes’’, Bulg. Chem. Commun., 1 (2015) 47.
  5. I. Yordanova, S. Todorova, H. Kolev, K. Tenchev “Cobalt-manganese supported oxides as catalysts for complete n-hexane oxidation and CO removal in hydrogen rich gases” - Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, 2 (2015) 15.
  6. S. Todorova, I. Yordanova, A. Naydenov, H. Kolev, Z. Cherkezova-Zheleva, K. Tenchev, B. Kunev, “Cobalt-manganese supported oxides as catalysts for complete n-hexane and methane oxidation: relationship between structure and catalytic activity“, Rev. Roum. Chim., 59 (2014) 259 IF - 0.393.

10 December 2018
Конкурс zа назначаване на длъжност „изследовател“ по проект BG05M2OP001-1.001-0008-С02

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