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Mini Spray Dryer Buchi 190  

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Manufacturer: Buchi Switzerland

Year of manufacture: 1986

The Buchi B-190 spray dryer features micro-processor control of the drying air heater, allowing very tight control of the drying air inlet temperature regardless of fluctuations in the air flow rate. The dryer is fitted with a secondary filter downstream of the cyclone separator which extends the dryer's capabilities to more finely-atomized sprays and the enhanced recovery of valuable product. The tight temperature control combined with the lower maximum inlet temperature makes this dryer particularly suited to work involving heat-sensitive biological precursors. The spray dryer is also used extensively for developing the acceptance criteria and tolerances employed during spray dryer atomizer qualification.

heater: 1,8 KW
feed pump: peristaltic up to 28 ml/min
temperature range: 40 to 220 ° C
control accuracy: ± 0,1 ° C
evaporation rate: approx 1500 ml/hour


10 December 2018
Конкурс zа назначаване на длъжност „изследовател“ по проект BG05M2OP001-1.001-0008-С02

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